Over the last couple of months, I’ve been on a healthy diet of books, videos & podcasts involving Jocko Willink and David Goggins. In this current state of chaos and the new normal, I found their perspective refreshingly simple. So much so, when my friend (a glutton for punishment) asked me if I wanted to go for weekly sunrise swims, I heard their voices whispering “Do iiiit”. Overall, it was a great character-building experience and one that I’ll keep carrying on. Here are some lessons that I gained from the experience.

Bunmahon Beach, Waterford. Before Sunrise.

1. “GOOD

This simple philosophy from Jocko is a real game-changer…

Lots of people would jump at the opportunity to know more than 90% of people out there. They would also brush it off as being a silly notion or a ridiculous ambition. The simple truth is though, it’s easier to become an expert than you might think,

Becoming an Expert

When I was growing up everyone knew my dad as a bit of a history buff. He could drop knowledge about everything from the ancient Aztecs to the Troubles of Northern Ireland. And the reason for his wealth of knowledge? The mountain of books he has read. He’d come home from the library…

Walter Cullinan

Walter is a digital marketer with a copywriting, content writing and email marketing. https://linktr.ee/waltercullinan

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